Creative Director / Director / Producer / Editor

Multiple Emmy Award Winner and Academy Award presenter, recipient of 13 Telly Awards and numerous marketing web awards, international keynote speaker on emerging media and marketing, a song-writer/composer, singer/performer, and music and television director/producer specializing in entertainment technologies, marketing and TV production.

A total hybrid with expertise in the creative, marketing and business arenas.

Over 10 years of experience directing and executing the creative, marketing and IT processes within various industries. Producer, designer and manager on numerous projects from various media on a national and international scale.

Creative Multimedia Experience
Extensive mass communications and marketing leadership experience with an emphasis on marketing, multimedia productions, e-commerce and convergence of media in building audience relationships for b2b and b2c marketing solutions. Experience carefully strategizing integrated multi-channel marketing and branding campaigns to provide sophisticated brand identity and to develop images for companies of all sizes.


“Bobby is very innovative in his approach and possesses the expertise in multiple media vehicles and emerging opportunities. Bobby is a great fit for our needs and has been part of our success strategy. His skill set has been a critical component to our ability to be effective in an increasingly fractured media landscape that strives to break through the clutter to deliver a relevant message and call to action to a demanding audience.”
Donna Peeples, VP, Sales and Marketing, AGL Resources, Inc.

“I have worked with Bobby for years. He is an incredible creative talent spanning design, marketing, video production, audio, songwriting, and performing. I strongly recommend Bobby in any of these areas as he will do fantastic work for you.”
Rob Patten, President, Northridge Systems

“Bobby possesses the ability to leverage technology along his high level of creativity to produce an end product that rivals anyone in his field or industry.”
Bernard Collier, Analyst, Team Lead Systems, AGL Resources, Inc.

“Bobby is the most creative individual I've ever had the privilege to work with. He is brimming with wonderful ideas and has endless enthusiasm about sharing them. Better still, he has that rare combination of interpersonal skills to sell his ideas within the organization and then the technical skills to implement those ideas. The end result is always better than imagined. I can recommend Bobby without reservation.”
Kevin Wolff, Director, Compensation, Graphic Packaging Int'l, Inc.

“Bobby is a gifted creative director who not only visualizes extraordinary product marketing, branding, and advertising- he EXECUTES it as well. He has tremendous technical skills as well as Emmy award winning producer and director credits. He also possesses great social skills, a unique attribute for someone as doggone creative as that guy is. He wrote, directed and produced many pieces, which I was fortunate to voice-over.”
Laura Wilkinson, Owner, Vox Productions